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Tube band for Hijab
This tube bonnet keeps your hijab in place and is also great for wearing under all types of hijab..
Flower Clip (8 and 6 Inches) - Black ( Color are available)
We do wholesale. A classic flower jaw clip made of polyester fabric. The flower measures 6" (..
Tube Band for hijab
We are manufacturerer of this product. We have Hijab one pcs or Two pcs .both for kids ..
Tube head band hijab Fashion
For the Whole sale plz contact us by the no Call marhaba hijab fashion 647-8851150 (with appoitme..
Hannd seleves with Finger
Hand Seleves with Finger only black color ..
Hijab tie band
Tie Band for Hijab its Available in 20 colors if you are buying as a wholesale   $1..
Hand Seleves for Women
Its availabe in diffrent color and diffrent Variety Cotton + Jersy and Cotton Polyster mix, y..
Flower clip for hair
THE WADU SOCKS/ WADUGEAR   Whether you're in the masjid, at work, on a trip,&nbs..
Tube Hijab band in diffrent color
Tube Hijab band in diffrent color, We deal in Wholesale if you need in bulk plz contact us by..
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