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Pen Quran + Digital Quran with screen For Ramdan Gift

Pen Quran + Digital Quran with screen For Ramdan Gift
Pen Quran + Digital Quran with screen For Ramdan Gift
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Read each aya, surah, page easily, also can read the teacher book and user manual for arabic learning.
- work well with common quran book and multi-functional quran book, 9 to 12 voices can be loaded into device, including reciter voice, translation voice and others:
* Optional reciter voices: Al-Sudais, Al-Menshawi, Al-Ghamidi,

* Optional translation voices: English, French, Urdu, Spanish, *

Others: Arabic Learning, Tafseer Al-Jalalain, Sabab-un-Nuzul, Hadith-e-Munasib, Sharah Mufradat, Qiraat, Tajweed Rules
* Text for option: Quran, English, French, Spanish, Arabic Learning, Russian, Turkish, Malay, Indonesia, German, Uzbek, Portuguese
- 2.4 inch screen, display the quran text in Othman Font, also the translation text shown on screen can be synchronized with voice
- 4GB built-in flash memory, support TF card memory expansion
- Support Video(AVI, MP4, 3GP, FLV) and audio playback
- Voice recorder
- Freely switch among reciter voices and translation voices
- 3 colors available, green, black, yellow
- While reading the function card and teacher book, it will display the teaching animation, the writing of arabic alphabets and Qibla
- Built-in rechargeable battery, also can be charged via computer
- Leather pouch packaging, black or brown pouch
- Perfect design and high sound quality
- Accessories: USB cable, charger, quran book, arabic learning book, earphone, battery, manual

Packing Details:
Leather Pouch Packaging:
Device Dimension(LXWXH): 12 X 5 X 1.6cm
Gross Weight: 1.2 Kg (complete packing)
Carton Weight: 20.5 Kg (16pcs/carton)
Carton Size: 52 x 47 x 24 cm

Price: $120.00

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