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Our all product from diffrent country Uk, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria and more.. We do wholesale, we are well known in Canada Toronto,

Mississauga for islamic stuff like Qumex Azan clock (full Automatic muslim auto azan clock),Enmac Digital Quran,Enmac Pen Quran,Qibla Direction

compas,Counter Tasbeeh,Prayer mat, Miswak,hijab band, tube hijab band, Fita hijab band, Net hijab band,Bakhur or Bakhoor Electric burner, Etar Alrehab,

Crystal Items, Gift items,Frame all Kind, wood Frame hadicraft and items.

our main goal to do wholesale and we have large selection

  • Kaba Model Azan clock
  • Hijab
  • Pen Digital Quran Mushaf
  • Pen Quran
  • Qumex Azan clock 810
  • DVD
  • Qumex 801
  • clock
  • Seleves
  • Pen Quran + Digital Quran with screen For Ramdan Gift
  • Hadith
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