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Pen Digital Quran first time with Audio voice (with Tajweed)

Pen Digital Quran first time with Audio voice (with Tajweed)
Pen Digital Quran first time with Audio voice (with Tajweed) Pen Digital Quran first time with Audio voice (with Tajweed)
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Pen Digital Quran first time with Audio voice  (with Tajweed)

Abdul basit, adol rahman Alsudais, Saad al gamidi, Mishary al Afasy and Mohammad Sdigh Minshawi.

it has three books One Qaidah, one book with index and index book is pocket size, index book work with pen, full of ahkamul Tajweed, Shrah mufradat, tafsir ul jalalin


Digital Quran Reading Pen is a handy mp3 player in the shape of a pen which has a very loud built-in speaker and is able to scan specially printed pages and as a result play the entire Qur'an in Arabic on command. This powerful tool fits in a pocket and has an intuitive, friendly interface. Like all mp3 players, it has USB connectivity for easy recharging and file transfer.

The Digital Quran Reading Pen features a unique technology that allows the listener to point at a specially printed Mushaf (included in this package) and the ayah that is pointed towards is instantly played by the Digital Pen. Pick any ayah across the entire Qur'an, point the pen device towards it and instantly, the device will play the Ayah on the spot. Listen to a whole Surah by touching the sura title.

Other Important Features of this device include:
1. Choice of FIVE different recitations:
a. Abdul-Basit Abdus-Samad (Tajweed!)
b Mishary Rashid al-Afasi
c. Abdur Rahman as-Sudais
d. Saad Ghamidi
e. Siddiq al-Minshawi

2. Numerous Translations to choose from!

- English
- French
- Farsi
- Urdu
- Bengali
- Pushto
- Turkish
- Russian




3. Narration of the entire Tafsir Jalalin in Arabic. Point at any verse or Surah, and the device will instantly begin narrating the tafsir in Arabic.

4. Audio point and click and play the ENTIRE ARABIC QAIDA! This package comes with a high-quality printed Noorani Qaida, and you can simply click and point at the various lesson plans and the device will instantly play the sound of the alphabets, vowels, word combinations etc. etc.

What's Included?

1. A full set including: Quran read pen device, hard cover medium-size mushaf, a nicely printed color book on rules of tajweed, USB line, re-charger, earphone, a booklet and a warranty card.

2. Holy Quran mini-reading pen: point chapter read all chapter; point page number read all page; point any word of a sentence read the whole sentence(it can read our special books only).

3. Main material: ABS and paper.

4. Memory: 4GB (can expand upto 8GB with SD card)

5.Power source: lithium-ion rechargeble battery, can keep playing music for more than 3 hours at full volume.

6. It support MP3 format, and with upto 8GB memory (with a SD card), you may download and listen to large amounts of other islamic material.


NOTE: device does not have the capability to read, for instance, Arabic and English verse-by-verse at the same time. It plays in one mode only, either Arabic Only or English Only or Tafseer Only etc


Price: $70.00

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