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Original Al-Daffah Mens Thobe - White

Original Al-Daffah Mens Thobe - White
Original Al-Daffah Mens Thobe - White
Brand: Brand Al-Daffah
Product Code: Al Dafa
Availability: In Stock

size  54 m     -54 large    54 xlarge

         58m       56 large    56 xlarge      60 m   60 large     60 xlarge

A High Quality Thobe with quality fabric and stitching , with Mandarin collar ,front pocket and side pockets  , comes in a strong sturdy gift box.


BRAND: Al Daffah Thobe Colour- White - Original


We also have coloured Dafah thobes.  Please contact us with your size and preferred colours.

Look no further , this is without doubt the best Quality, Style and Comfort that you can get from a Thobe, beautifully designed and stitched by Al Daffah thobe -

A well known quality manufacturer based in the middle east.

Sizes are as follows:

Height = Measuring in inches from the back of the neck to the ankles/ top of shoes (or as preferred).

Width = Shoulders width for Daffah..
Small = L
Medium = XL
Large = XX
X-Large =XXX

Gift for yourself or anyone you care for.

Price: $45.00

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